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Session Details

Navigating the Automated Future to Transform Hiring Workflow Efficiency
Thursday, June 20, 2024 09:45 AM - 10:45 AM   PDT
Julius 5 (Lower Level)
Cloud HCM
Tips and Tricks, Business Use Case
Technical/Functional, Technology, All Industries
Associate / Partner, In-Person, On-Demand
AI, Automation, HRIP Credit, Recruitment, HRCI Credit
From a bygone era of weeks-long delivery to Amazon's doorstep, discover how recruiters are now racing against time to fill 50-60 positions or more, driving the need for game-changing automation. The surge in job positions has led to the adoption of automation processes, transforming the recruiter's role. Companies and talent acquisition professionals have been stressing over manual processes, emphasizing on the need to turbocharge the workflow, ensuring candidates not only land jobs but become searchable gems for future opportunities. Understanding the impact of automation in candidate management, and discovering practical solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the ever-evolving recruitment landscape has become inevitable.

Learning Objective 1: Understanding the impact of AI on recruitment and uncover the secrets to turbocharging hiring workflow

Learning Objective 2: Identifying common pain points in candidate management and ensuring candidates not only land jobs but become searchable gems for future opportunities

Learning Objective 3: Uncover a rollercoaster of insights, anecdotes, and practical tips that will redefine the approach to recruitment in the age of AI

Vinay Johar

Aanchal Sharma
Sr Marketing Manager (ERP)