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Session Details

Revolutionizing AR Cash Application: A Case Study on Leveraging Automation and AI to Save Significant Time
Monday, June 17, 2024 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM   PDT
Milano V (Promenade Level)
E-Business Suite
Customer Case Study
All Industries, Functional
Lecture, User / Customer, In-Person, On-Demand, OATUG CPE
Explore Globe Union's transformation in automating Cash Application in EBS Accounts Receivables using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML). As a leading entity in the global kitchen and bath market, the company has embraced the integration of RPA and ML to revolutionize its financial processes. Discover how Globe Union transformed a previously labor-intensive procedure into a seamless, automated operation. We will demonstrate the capabilities of their RPA bot, which downloads ACH deposits and lockbox files from banking portals, interprets remittance data from PDFs, and efficiently applies cash to customer invoices. This case study showcases the impactful integration of technology in financial operations, marking a significant advancement in corporate automation.

Learning Objective 1: 1. Showcasing Effective Automation in Complex Business Processes: Highlighting how automation effectively handles intricate tasks in AR Cash Application, demonstrating its practicality and efficiency.

Learning Objective 2: 2. Insights into User-Mimicking Capabilities of RPA: Gaining an understanding of the advanced technology behind Robotic Process Automation, and how it replicates manual user actions with precision.

Learning Objective 3:3. RPA's Integration Ease: Exploring the simplicity of Robotic Process Automation implementation, emphasizing its operation without the need for APIs or extensive integration efforts.

Ramesh Kumar
eAlliance Corporation