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Session Details

Power Hour Super Session: Collaborative Problem Solving with AI-Powered Virtual Teams
Tuesday, June 18, 2024 08:00 AM - 09:15 AM   PDT
Milano I (Promenade Level)
Professional Development, Technology/OCI
All Industries
Lecture, In-Person, On-Demand
AI/Machine Learning, Collaboration, Generative AI and Cutting-Edge Innovations
It can be challenging for one person to develop a well-rounded plan for solving complex problems. A team of experts can bring unexpected insights and reduce risks, but such teams are rarely available. What's the alternative? Enter the world of AI, where teams of specially skilled AIs can help. 
In this presentation, you will learn how to use detailed prompts to create AIs with specific skill sets and personas. Then, you'll see how to guide and direct your AIs through directive prompting to help them develop a plan for solving specific problems.
Half of this presentation will demonstrate these skills in three different scenarios. First, by moderating an intense conversation between two AIs, each embodying a well-known historical persona. Second, by discussing how to set up a team to perform risk analysis based on a corporate annual report. And finally, using a well-known classic book, our presenter will guide four AIs to develop a plan to tackle a seemingly impossible threat.
Join us for this unique presentation to enhance your problem-solving toolkit with a team of high-powered AIs.

Craig Shallahamer
Applied AI Scientist